Diversion Video Magazine Intoducing a motion picture production dedicated to representing the global flatland community!!(2-1-2002)

New Online Video Store!!! Liquid Frame is your source for BMX videos!!! (2-1-2002)

Online Video ordering! Use a creditcard to get any video to your door faster! (11-27-2001)

Michigan Jam Movie shot and edited by Craig Lammers (10MB) (8-22-2001)

Asian X-games Photo Gallery Simon in Singapore submitted some photos from the X-games in Thailand! (6-23-2001)

explorations AVAILABLE NOW!!! An epic compilation of lost sessions in Los Angeles! (1-10-2001)

The 25th Parallel AVAILABLE NOW!!! New video featuring riders Brazil!!!(1-10-2001)

Ground ZERO AVAILABLE NOW!!! Video featuring riders in Canada, Hawai'i and Michigan!!!

Argentina Scene!!

Buenos Aires at it's best!!!

Flatland Instructional Video!! Available NOW!!!

Hang-5: A Journey into the World of Flatland...


Sao Paulo Style!!

Flatland Frenzy!!

A Flatland Jam in France!

Singapore Freestyle Scene

Stylin' in South East Asia!!

Close Encounters of the RAD Kind!! is SOLD OUT!!!

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