Curb Endo


To do a curb endo, roll forward slowly towards a curb. Just as the front tire hits the curb, push forward on the handlebars and unwieght the back end of the bike by jumping up. Once you reach maximum height, let the back wheel drop to the ground. To ride out, let the bike roll backwards a little, then apply the back brake to stop and pedal away. Keep your pedals level while doing the endo position.

180 Barspin


Do this trick while rolling in a large circle counterclockwise. Roll slowly forward and take your right hand and put it on the left grip backwards. QUICKLY spin the bars 180 degrees. Keep the pedals level and spread your knees apart so that they clear the bars. Once the bars are backwards resume pedaling. To spin them around so that they are forwards, repeat this procedure.

Handlebar Ride


Roll forward at a fast walking pace. Put your right foot over the bar and onto the right fornt peg. Take your left hand and put it on your seat. Put most of your weight on your left hand and bring your left foot around to the front left peg. To keep up your speed, kick the tire with your foot. To ride out, reverse the process.



To jump over the bars, keep your pedals level and roll slowly forward. The key to not hanging up on the cross bar is to hold your weight up as you jump over. Keep your arms stiff and bring your knees up to your chest. Once over the bars you can go into a Handlebar Ride.(see trick above)

Check out the instructional video "Hang-5: A Journey into the World of Flatland"

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