Dump Truck


For Dumptrucks, you need to turn your handlebars backwards and roll slowly while standing on the back pegs. Pull up into a wheelie with your right foot behind you for balance. Once you feel solid in that position, tap the front brakes to stop your wheel from spinning. (Fingers don't like to be caught in spokes) Grab on to the right side of the front forks. Once you are solid in this position, let go of the handlebars with your left hand and turn the bars 90 degrees. Balance there long enough to pull your right leg through to the front and put it on the back tire. (This is the hardest part of the trick, The longer you can balance in this "halfway" position, the easier it is to pull your leg through and get it to the tire before you fall backwards It also helps to look down at your backtire so that you are sure to put it in the right place.) Once you are in the dumptruck position, scuff the back tire until you are pleased. There are many ways to exit this trick. I prefer to turn the bars forward while I'm scuffing and switch hands on the pegs so that I can reachback and grab the grip. Once I grab the grip, I stop scuffing and leave my foot on the tire as a brake and lower my front wheel to the ground. I then manuver myself into a regular riding position and ride away. For more information about dumptrucks write to TONKA . ;-)

Cliff Hanger

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This trick has been around a lot longer than the movie and Sylvester Stalone can't hang with with this cliff! First off you should be able to do hang 5's behind the seat so that you are sitting on the tire instead of the seat. Once you get the hang of that, put your free foot on its peg and pinch the frame with your knees. This is how I hold up the bike. (Some people don't pinch the frame and end up holding up the bike with the seat.) Once I have the frame pinched, I can let go of the bars and use my arms for balance. To ride out, grab the bars and let the back wheel fall to the ground. When learning this trick it's a lot better to jump off and let the bike flip over forwards than it is to step backwards. Definitely DON'T step down while in the middle of the trick or you'll get punch in your stomach from your seat that even Rocky couldn't handle.

Forward Death Truck


To do this trick you should be able to do a forward rope-a-roni. This trick is also called a "forward straddle-roni." To do the forward straddle-roni, do a halflash and pull up on the front wheel exactly like a forward rope-a-roni except throw your leg over the head tube. This trick is a lot easier to do with one hand. When you pull up into it, be sure to get the bike ALMOST vertical. At the almost vertical position you can take your hand off and ease the bike into the vertical position. This is to make sure that you don't go over forwards. To get out of the trick you put your left hand back on the grip and lean back. Apply your brake so that you can slow down and swing your leg back over your head tube while pivoting. Step on your pedal and ride away knowing that you pulled yet another death-defying trick.

Check out the instructional video "Hang-5: A Journey into the World of Flatland"

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