Squeakers 827k
In order to do squeakers, you must put one foot on the peg, do an endo and put your other foot on the front tire. Once in this position, release your front brakes for a second and kick the tire backwards. Quickly reapply your brake so that you don't flip over forwards. Continue this process for as long as you like. To ride out of it, you can apply the front brakes and ride out like an endo or you can do a roll back or quick infinity roll as I do in the movie.

Boomerang 427k
To do a Boomerang, roll slowly forward with your feet on the back pegs. Swing your right leg forward then backward for momentum and push off of the left peg with your left foot. In the same instance that you push off of your peg, apply the frontbrakes. Jump around the headtube and when you've traveled 180 degrees, release the front brake and start carving in an arc. When you are about 90 degrees from completing the rotation, apply the front brake again and put your right foot on the pedal. Then ride away and smile for the cameras. (Note: preset your pedals so that they are level and the right pedal is forward.)

Tailwhip 563k
To do a Tailwhip, roll forward slowly and put your right foot over the top tube. Apply the front brakes and jam your foot behind the forks. Do an endo and kick the frame around with your left foot. When the frames comes around you can catch it on the top tube with your left foot. Let the back wheel hit the ground, release the brakes, and roll off like the the hi-roller you are.



To pull off a decade, roll forward with your left foot on the back peg and your right foot on the seat post. Do a small front brake endo for momentum. When the back wheel hits the ground, apply the back brake and pull up on the handle bars. Quickly jump over the head tube and land where the top tube meets the seat post with your left foot. It helps if you look where you want your foot to go. Let the front wheel hit the ground, step on your preset pedal, and ride away to the nearest 7-11 to celebrate. You can also link a fire hydrant to a decade. This is most useful when you come out of a long link of different tricks.

Check out the instructional video "Hang-5: A Journey into the World of Flatland"

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